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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 – written later

Stopping in Parry Sound to see the sights and take the opportunity to explore Georgian Bay from the water on a tour boat. Over 100 years ago, painter Tom Thompson approached the town from the water in his canoe, painting the iconic railway trestle that still fascinates artists such as me to this day.

Killarney harbour, 2017


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 – written later
Georgian Bay is sometimes called the sixth “great lake” – it’s big, and the gap at the western edge is “bridged” by the ferry from Tobermory to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island. I travelled clockwise. In many places, the highway is far from the shore, necessitating side trips to destinations such as the Herbert Fisheries Restaurant in Killarney. Lots of animals in the woods here – I saw chipmunks streaking across the road, a red fox bemused by passing cars, and a coyote practicing the hurdles at a road construction site.

I am currently documenting urban congestion and urban development in Toronto. This includes traffic and transit congestion, as well as the extreme densification along the downtown waterfront. Inadequate infrastructure is a problem, particularly the lack of affordable housing. My long term project is to document the changes along the eastern half of Queens Quay, creating time-lapse panoramic landscapes.

my story

Condo invasion (detail), 2017

I have been using a camera for about fifty years, taking photographs of almost everything – buildings, people, motorcycle racing, landscapes, interiors, babies, events, wherever I went and whatever I was doing. Over time, I became fascinated with how the camera sees light – as distinct from how our eyes see light. I also became entranced with the beauty of light and reflections. In the early years, my photography was exclusively black and white, but later I grew to appreciate colour as well.

Point Pelee erosion, 2017

Another walking trip on Queens Quay, with perfect cloudy grey lighting and high humidity. Lots of activity since the last trip – soil remediation near Parliament, a new driveway towards the lake at Sherbourne, more finishing touches on Daniels’ Waterfront near Jarvis, and a continuing large wet hole in the ground at Pier 27 near Yonge Street.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 -- written later

I just did a short motorcycle trip through south-western Ontario, touching down at a few Great Lakes locations –
-- Port Dover, a true biker haven complete with palm trees on Lake Erie
-- Point Pelee, where high lake levels and erosion have made it less pointy
-- Grand Bend, eating blackened salmon overlooking the sparkling water


FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 2017 -- 9 PM

I’m looking at the images captured in the latest photo shoot. The vertical format captures building height well, but the resulting panoramas may be hard to combine with the existing horizontal images. The day I went out was forecast to be cloudy, which is my preference, but it turned out to be quite bright sun. The play of light and colour is interesting, but hard to deal with the bright blue sky. Switching to black and white is one obvious choice.

Guvernment panorama, 2017

Queens Quay, 2017

Condo deco (detail), 2017

FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 2017 -- 2 PM

Today I walked on Queens Quay from Parliament to Sherbourne, observing and documenting current construction activities. Not to mention the traffic! Buildings are taller, looking more finished. In the remaining undeveloped spaces, life continues as usual. This shoot was done in vertical format, to capture the increased height of the buildings.

Tom Thompson's Trestle, 1914

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